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Function of Tianjin Commission of Commerce

Tianjin Commission of Commerce is an integral part of Tianjin Municipal Government which is in charge of internal & external trade and external economic cooperation in Tianjin. At the same time, Tianjin Commission of Commerce also operates under another name of Tianjin Commission of Foreign Economic Relations & Trade.

Main mandate of Tianjin Commission of Commerce are as follows.

1. To carry out and implement the law, legislation, guidelines and policies of domestic & foreign trade of the nation and international economic cooperation and draw up the relevant local legislation and rules. Conduct research on the development strategy of Tianjin’s internal & external trade and international economic cooperation, draft the medium and long term development planning and annual planning of internal & external trade of Tianjin and international economic cooperation and organize the implementation.

2. To conduct research on the development strategy of the circulating industries of Tianjin, put forward the suggestions of the reform of circulating system, cultivate and develop the urban & country market, push the adjustment of structure of the circulating industry and modern circulating patterns including the chain operation, logistics & distribution and electronic commerce and draft the planning of layout of the key installations of commodity circulation, logistics and distribution.

3. To study on and work out the policy of standardizing market operation and circulating order, detect and analyze the condition of market operation and supply & demand of commodity, organize and implement the market regulation of the major consumables & government reserves and the circulation management of crucial means of production.

4. To take responsibility for the industry management of commodity circulation & daily service and in charge of the management of circulation of finished product of oil, fertilizer and coal. Carry out supervision & management of the special circulation industry such as auction, mortgage, material object leasing, second-hand circulation and recycled resources retrieving. Be responsible for the management of designated spot of live pig butchering.

5. To be in charge of the management of the import & export, technological trade and international service trade of Tianjin. Be responsible for the qualifications of operation of import & export and quota of commodity import & export and management of licensing & processing trade. Work out the policy of export of technology and complete sets of equipment. Direct and coordinate the international service trade in Tianjin. Take responsibility for the management of import & export of mechanical & electrical product of Tianjin and imported mechanical & electrical equipment purchasing bidding & tendering and cognize the qualification of tender institute. In charge of the management of international freight agents. Guide and manage the exhibition industry in Tianjin.

6. To coordinate and direct the construction of foreign trade promotion and credit system, establish and perfect the pre-alarming mechanism of import & export fair trade of Tianjin and organize & coordinate anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguarding measures and other work to do with the fair trade of import & export. Be responsible for the overall coordination of affairs involving Tianjin from WTO.

7. To guide and manage the direct foreign capital utilization of Tianjin and draw up the policy of direct foreign capital utilization. Verify the restricted investment & investment beyond limits and the establishment & alteration of the foreign invested enterprise involved in quota & license management by virtue of law. Supervise the implementation of law, legislation & rules in foreign invested enterprises and how well they have implemented the contract & articles. Coordinate and guide comprehensively the work to do with foreign economic relations and trade carried out by economic & technological development zones of all levels in Tianjin.

8. To be in charge of the foreign economic cooperation of Tianjin. Verify the operation qualification of foreign enterprises and verify & manage the overseas enterprises & institutes in Tianjin ( except the financial enterprises) , be responsible for management of outsourcing project, service cooperation & design consultation and take responsibility for the multi-lateral & bi-lateral economic relations and technical support between Tianjin & the world. In charge of the economic cooperation and information exchange between Tianjin and Hongkong Special District, Macao Special District & Taiwan.

9. To be responsible for the external propaganda of commercial affairs of Tianjin. In charge of construction of the commercial information network and E-commerce of Tianjin. Coordinate with departments concerned to carry out the appraisal of the professional titles of series of translator, international business professional and people engaging in commerce. Take responsibility for the education, training and information exchange of the talented commercial personnel in Tianjin. Direct the work of chamber of commerce, association and society concerned.

10. To be in charge of the examination & approval of the economic & trade delegation and people concerned going abroad, verify the invitation of foreign businessmen coming to Tianjin to work, in charge of organizing the important external affairs of economic relations & trade and guide & manage the liaison & reception of the external economic & trade affairs of Tianjin.

11. To be in charge of the state assets supervision of the commercial industry, foreign economic & trade enterprises and tour enterprises of Tianjin.

12. To undertake other assignments entrusted by Tianjin Committee of Communist Party of China and Tianjin Municipal Government.