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Head of the Department of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation of MOFCOM on China's Outward Investment and Cooperation in 2022

In 2022, overcoming the challenges of the external environment, China's outbound investment enjoyed steady development and progress. The industry-wide outbound direct investment was RMB985.37 billion, up 5.2% (equivalent to USD146.5 billion, up 0.9%). In breakdown, foreign non-financial direct investment was RMB785.94 billion, up 7.2% (equivalent to USD116.85 billion, up 2.8%). The turnover of foreign contracted projects was RMB1,042.49 billion, an increase of 4.3% (equivalent to USD154.99 billion, basically the same as the previous year). The value of newly signed contracts amounted to RMB1,702.17 billion, up 2.1% (equivalent to USD253.07 billion, down 2.1%). The main features are as follows:

First, investment cooperation with BRI partners was steadily advanced. The non-financial direct investment of Chinese enterprises in BRI countries was USD20.97 billion, up by 3.3%, accounting for 17.9% of the total amount in the same period. The turnover of contracted projects in BRI countries was USD84.94 billion, and the value of newly signed contracts stood at USD129.62 billion, accounting for 54.8% and 51.2% of the total respectively, which has contributed to high-quality BRI development.

Second, foreign investment in some sectors grew rapidly. Investment in wholesale and retail sectors was USD21.1 billion, up 19.5% year-on-year; investment in manufacturing was USD21.6 billion, up 17.4%; and investment in leasing and commercial services was $USD38.76 billion, up 5.8%.

Third, local foreign investment was active. The outbound investment of local enterprises was USD93.92 billion, an increase of 13.1% over the previous year, accounting for 80.4% of the total. Among them, outbound investment in eastern China increased by 10.3%, accounting for 81.6% of local investment, and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai are the top three localities in terms of outbound investment.