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Tianjin has four world-known folk arts including“ Zhang’s Art of Clay”, “Yangliuqing New Year Pictures”,“ Wei’s Kites”(which won golden prize in World’s Panama Exposition in 1914) and“ Liu’s Brick Sculpture”. In addition, Tianjin’s folk arts are also renowned for its Tianjin paper cutting, Tianjin Lantern, Tianjin Velvet Silk Flower and various international and domestical award-winning carpets andtapestries

  Special Food

Tianjin has also a variety of traditional s t y l e f o o d s , i n w h i c h , “Three Unique Foods of Tianjin” are comprised of Goubuli’s Stuffed Buns, Guifaxiang Fried DoughTwists and Ear-Hole Fried Cake. Other special foods include: Zhang’s Peanut Kernel , Cao’s Donkey Meat, Lu’s Fried Cake, Bai’s Dumplings, Zhilanzhai Sweetened Rice Flour, Dafulai’s crispy rice with vegetables and Stone Doorsill Steamed Stuffed Buns.